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Katharina and Bianco, the children of a rich man of Padua, are ready to marry.
The game is simple: the youngest can be won only if the eldest finds her equal.
But Katharina is strong-willed and not afraid to challenge the rules.
Who will be able to rival her? The hunt is on. And a predator is on the loose!


KT MASALA has performed and featured with several "The Macbeth Project," Celebration Arts," "African-American Shakespeare Company," "Theater First," and "California Musical Theater, Martin Luther King Projects" productions. She is an ELLY Nominated Supporting Actress and Award Winner. Ms. Masala has assistant directed, stage managed, and operated lights and sound in multiple productions as well. KT is the Founder of “Will Succeed Mentor Services,” and “The Audition.” She was Co-Founding Member for “Images Theatrical Company.”  and currently board member of "Celebration Arts," and Assistant Director/Lead Contributor of "The Macbeth Project." KT Masala holds a Master’s degree in Educational Counseling.

Cline Moore as PETRUCHIO

Sons & Ancestors player Cline Moore has appeared in productions for California Stage, California Original Theatre, CSUS Theatre Department, and in many other local performances spanning the last 30 years. He primarily seeks roles that are social commentaries on the state of race relations, historical discrimination, and all types of inequalities in order to spark awareness, discussion, and promote positive change. It should be noted that every time he performs in the vicinity of Khimberly Marshall...he dies.

Maurice NGakane as GRUMIO

T. Maurice 'Mo' Ngakane was born in Botswana raised in the US and has a flair for drama, music and art. A true believer of talent being a humble gift, Mo has his sights on expanding his many gifts and continuing to learn the craft. Most recently he played the title character MacBeth in The MacBeth Projects inaugural season.

Dannyelle Finch as LUCENTIA

Bio coming soon!

Jourdan Olivier-Verde as BIANCO

Jourdán Olivier-Verdé is currently the BIPOC Council Co-Chair and serves on the Board of Directors for Marin Shakespeare Company. He has appeared all over the Greater Bay Area in  SF’s Bay Area Musicals’ “Violet” (Ensemble) Santa Rosa’s 6th Street Playhouse’s “ To Kill a Mockingbird”( Tom Robinson) and San Jose Musical Theatre’s Man of La Mancha(Pedro.) He has previously been seen in African-American Shakespeare Company’s Cinderella ( Stepsister), Richard III( Catesby/ Edward IV) and A Midsummer Night’s Dream  (Theseus+Oberon), and Theater of Others’  Comedy of Errors ( Antipholus of Syracuse) He  will next be seen in Marin Shakespeare Company’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” ( Bottom) He received training as an Acting Minor at Howard University, as well as the American Academy of Dramatic Arts NY, and the International Academy of Film and Television in LA with a Winter Session at Cours Flourent in Paris.  He thanks Khimberly, KT and the rest of this wonderful cast and crew for this opportunity and always he gives honor to his family and friends who buoy him with their never ending support and encouragement!!!

Shaunta-Mae Alexander as TRANIO

Bio coming soon!

Carla Fleming as HORTENSIA

Carla Fleming is a Creative Performing Artist, Singer, Songwriter, and Actor. She has
released several original music projects and videos.  Her acting career is vastly
growing as she appears in a variety of stage and film projects.  Carla is passionate
about the arts and welcomes the opportunities engage on stage
Some recent projects Carla has appeared in are “The Jackie Wilson Story”, with
Images Theater; “Polar Bears, Black Boys, and Prairie Fringed Orchids,” with
Celebration Arts Theater; and “MacBeth” with the MacBeth Project.


BJ Nash is delighted to return to the Celebration Arts Stage for the third time to participate in The MacBeth Project. BJ’s love of Shakespeare and Celebration Arts Theater combine in MacBeth to create an experience of language, culture and drama that are both entertaining and educational. Inspired by the Project and grateful to be a part of this very talented group of actors led by our director Khimberly Marshall, who brings her wealth of knowledge and insightful leadership.

Larry Roberson as BAPTISTA

Bio coming soon!


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