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The Creatives

Our Collective:

The impetus to bring together an ensemble of artists from various backgrounds, grounded in equity building and community engagement, fostering experimentation and discovery began over 20 years ago. We had a dream and a vision to provide access and support specifically to women of color in the arts. We have been galvanized to bring this company together under because, especially such chaotic political times, it is extremely important, imperative even, to empower artist as we strive to create social change thru art. 




Khimberly Marshall has 18 years combined experience in both Theater and Film production having written, directed and produced national commercials spots, short films and regional theater productions. She has won numerous awards for art and literature. Khimberly has also worked for major clients such as the California Music Theater, Sacramento Ballet, Sacramento Area Theater Alliance, Theater El Dorado Board, Celebration Arts, El Teatro Espejo, and the Creative Arts League of Sacramento. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Theater Management with a second Bachelor’s degree in Film from The Art Institute of California. Previously engaged at the Crocker Art Museum as an Art Corp Fellow, she was embedded in the Block by Block Initiative, creating social practice art in underrepresented communities.  

Currently, she is the Artistic Director of The MacBeth Project designed to provide Shakespearean experiences to communities of color. Khimberly finds her most rewarding work in providing support to people and organizations that foster community. Oh and by the way…she is also a ninja!




KT MASALA (Karen Travis) is a 2008 ELLY Nominated Supporting Actress in “The Amen Corner,” and 2005 ELLY Award Winner for costume design of “Lady Blue” in “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf”. She has performed and featured with several "The Macbeth Project," Celebration Arts," "African-American Shakespeare Company," "Theater First," and "California Musical Theater, Martin Luther King Projects" productions. She is an ELLY Nominated Supporting Actress and Award Winner. Ms. Masala has assistant directed, stage managed, and operated lights and sound in multiple productions as well. KT is the Founder of “Will Succeed Mentor Services,” and “The Audition.” She was Co-Founding Member for “Images Theatrical Company.”  and currently board member of "Celebration Arts," and Assistant Director/Lead Contributor of "The Macbeth Project." KT Masala holds a Master’s degree in Educational Counseling.


KT Masala

Cline Moore

Carla Fleming

Maurice NGakane

Dannyelle Finch

BJ Nash

Tanika Baptiste

Jourdan Olivier-Verde

Gina Claytor

Larry Roberson

Shaunta-Mae Alexander

Gerry "GOS" Simpson

Joshua Johnson

Patrice Burnette

Richie Lucero-Mattis Jr.

Preston Collier

Wayne Cook

Lauren King

Jamz R. Ellison III

Brooklynn T. Solomon

Kyle Black

Greg Jones 

Rick Cook

Ayana Kiburi

Marques Buford

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