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Shonna McDaniels

SOJOURNER TRUTH MULTICULTURAL MUSEUM’S mission is to open minds and change lives through the exploration and celebration of African American history, experiences and culture through art education and outreach. Our vision is of a world in which the adversity and achievement of African American history inspire everyone toward a greater understanding of acceptance and unity! https://www.sojoartsmuseum.org/about


Community Partner

CELEBRATION ARTS is a non-profit educational and performance organization providing performing arts training and opportunities to underserved communities, particularly African American residents in the Sacramento Metropolitan area. CA provides drama, dance, and music productions and classes, allowing aspiring black artists and communities to experience the performing arts where they are the central subjects. http://celebrationarts.net/index.html


Community Partner

THE NORTHERN CALIFORNIA FILMMAKERS COALITION (NCFC) is a 501c3 non-profit organization based in Sacramento, California and was established on July 12, 2012. NCFC was created to encourage individuals in filmmaking or film related areas to meet on a regular bases and explore the various aspects of the film industry.  https://www.ncfc.media/


Amy Reed

MA SERIES ARTS dedicated to support, performance, research and practice by women, queer of color, and trans artists. Our focus is set on supporting cultura & via artists who uplift and honor their communities through regenerative, visionary, and experimental practices. We are movement organizers and artists working towards liberation for all from oppressive structures and power over people. We are dedicated to working together to thrive. https://maseriesarts.org/


Production Partner

TEATRO ESPEJO has been bringing theatre to the community for more than 40 years. Under the guidance of Artistic Director and Professor Emeritus, Manuel José Pickett, Teatro Espejo has remained dedicated to offering opportunities to teatristas of all ages and skill levels. Our seasons honor the rich legacy and history of teatro by producing important classic works from the Chicano/Latinx theatre cannon, and groundbreaking contemporary works by new, emerging, and established playwrights representing the Latinx diaspora. https://teatroespejo.com/


Barbara Range

THE BRICKHOUSE GALLERY & ARTS COMPLEX has an off-the-grid approach to the arts. Our mission: to encourage and inspire emerging artists, seasoned artists and those seeking to find their voice through art. It is our goal to create a community atmosphere which encourages participation, exhibitions, workshops, classes, and demonstrations. We remain open to redefining ART as it is ever evolving. The Brickhouse Gallery and Studio Complex is an eclectic art center located in the heart of Historic Oak Park. http://thebrickhouseartgallery.com/index.php

The California Arts Council

Funding Partner

The California Arts Council Mission: strengthening arts, culture, and creative expression as the tools to cultivate a better California for all.


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