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This project was built out of a community outcry for more African American representation in the classical theater arts. It is a 5 year project producing the story of MacBeth, co-created with a different cultural asset each year, infusing the productions with both cultural identities.

For our 2019 season, in partnership with Celebration Arts, we produced William Shakespeare’s MACBETH with a full African-American cast and utilizing non-traditional casting methods. This adaptation, developed by Khimberly Marshall, reflects a future Africa while honoring the past and recognizing the western culture of our present.

Because Shakespeare gives us this beautiful framework in poetic language, we’re able to remove some of the misogynistic tones from the script and really underlying the true nature of magic in an African culture.  By re-designing the “witches” or “weird sisters” as African Ancestors, we built a narrative around African traditions such as call and response, along with drum and dance. Keeping our reverence for our ancestors as oracles, as the keepers of time, we guided the motivations and actions of our characters as they wade thru this tragic landscape of love, lust, fear, power, ambition and murder.

For our 2020 Season, we are in partnership with Teatro Espejo, an amazing cultural institution in Sacramento servicing specifically the Latinx community for over 30 years. We will co-produce a production of MacBeth presented at The BrickHouse Gallery in their outdoor garden. 


Currently we are presenting short versions of some of Shakespeare's most beloved classics...with a twist!

Incorporating our love of Afro-Futurism, which honors the African Diaspora bridging the past, present, and possible futures, we are re-building and re-imagining the possibilities of Shakespeare.

Our Short Shakes program is designed to give free access to this work in perpetuity.  

Take a look at our upcoming events and don't forget to donate!

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